Lindsay Leggett (akabins) wrote,
Lindsay Leggett


I haven't posted much this year. It's been a bit crazy, a bit exciting, a bit disappointing, and a bit wild.

Brief update: Flight is looking for a new home. (If you know anyone looking for a mature YA with lots of action and a bit of impossible romance, pimp me out ;) ) Ultimately it came down to the fact that I want people to be able to read it without spending a small fortune, so I'm hopeful that one day it will happen.

Right now I'm working full-time at a new job that is both lovely and frustrating, and fitting in as much writing as humanly possible during my 5 hours of free time a day.

If I'm not here much, it's because I'm stuck at my twitter or Tumblr homes.

Hope you're all having a fantastic Holiday Season!

P.S. I'm done Christmas. Success!

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