Lindsay Leggett (akabins) wrote,
Lindsay Leggett

It's that time of year again!

Resolution time. I've always loved making New Year's Resolutions. I see it as a way to challenge and motivate myself, even if I forget about them halfway through (which tends to happen). This year has been crazy, and now that I'm back to working full-time, my free time is precious and very, very limited. I'm hoping for a lottery win. It can happen, right?

Here's what I resolved for 2011:

 Goals for 2011:

1. Finish Flight and submit (again)

Done! Flight might have gone through a weird blip in my imagined schedule, but the draft sits at a very satisfied place right now. It's still on submission, but I'm hoping to find someone to take me on in the New Year!

2. Work on something new

I've written over 45,000 words on new projects this year, and have a solid foundation for about four novels.

3. Drink more water! (and subsequently less coffee ;))

Less coffee didn't happen, but more water did! I love settng attainable goals.

4. LAUGH, LIVE and LOVE. Keys to a good year!

I made some beautiful frienships over the last year that I don't know how I ever lived without.

Goal time for 2012.

1. Lose 15 of the 25 lbs I packed on this year.
2. Find (and stick to) an exercise regime that doesn't flare up my pain too much.
3. Finish writing one book.
4. Do more. This means everything. Get out more, go to more events, find more time for the people I love. Period.

Good luck to everyone in the New Year, and hope you reach your goals, whatever they may be!
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