Lindsay Leggett (akabins) wrote,
Lindsay Leggett

Great Cause

I've missed my LJ friends. I promise I'll be back on soon with some real updates, great news on Flight, and more of what I've been up to.

I just want to post something that I think is really great. A writer I know is giving away all of his proceeds from his erasure poetry book "The Metre Erasure Project", to a iHuman, a not-for-profit that helps out youth-at-risk using the arts. It's a great cause and I'd really like to see his book get the exposure it deserves, and of course, 50% proceeds toward iHuman.

MEtrE Title page

Help spread the word for a great cause!

E-book available on smashwords here:
And Kindle here:

<3 you all and see you soon!
Tags: book, charity, good cause, poetry, promo

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