Tuesday Teaser!

She never really did fit in with them in the first place, but there was a certain content security in being friends with the popular kids. Everyone was nice to her, even if she barely knew them, and the jealous stares and new-found respect made up for the things she knew were being whispered: Why is Andrew dating her? He could do so much better. Sure, she probably puts out, but she’s so weird.

            Before Andrew, none of that would have bothered her. Before Andrew, her peers wouldn’t have cared enough to say these things. In many ways before they’d started dating she was nobody, but at the same time, she was somebody; independent, and known only for herself.


            She’d been alone in the theater after drama when they’d first spoken. She, the typical dramaphile, was practicing her lines for the school’s production of Cinderella. It was to be a mature piece filled with the original nasty details like sawed-off toes. She was, of course, Cinderella, and was trying to find a way to play the traditionally gentle and naïve character with more bite.

            Andrew, a volleyball star with no artistic gumption, had been placed in the class to expand his horizons. By some chance he’d left a textbook in the auditorium. Sascha was standing onstage with her back turned, and didn’t realize his presence. She ran her lines again and again, stressing different syllables and ranging between terror and anger. All the while he watched, turned statuesque by her voice, with only the view of her casual summer dress and the blond vines of her hair.

            She screamed when she turned and saw him standing there. He was stock-still, his bright blue eyes headlights-wide, with freckles dusting his pronounced cheekbones. His hair was light brown and cropped close to his skull. At that moment, her heart beating in her chest, all Sascha could think was how beautiful he looked.

            “You scared me,” she’d said, breathless. He held up his textbook as if to answer and unspoken question.

            “I don’t know much about all this, but the way you speak… it’s beautiful.”

From Poisk

Enjoy your week, lovelies! :)

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Apparently teenagers aren't intelligent enough to be able to intake material more mature than early Mary-Kate and Ashley movies without becoming engrossed and destroyed by it.

Also, books were never dark until now. Even V.C. Andrews' plethora of novels and Tess of the D'urbervilles existed without any disturbing content. As well, in the past, teenagers (who would have had children and a family to care for before most of today's teens can drive a car), were not able to pick up any books beyond fairytales (which were also not disturbing and did not include death, curses, or the slicing of toes to fit into glass slippers).

That is all.

Wither: by Lauren DeStefano

If you haven't read this book yet, go read it! Whither is the first in the Chemical Garden Trilogy.

The blurb:

When scientists engineered genetically perfect children, everyone thought it would ensure the future of the human race. Though the first generation is nearly immortal, a virus causes all successive generations to die early: age 20 for women, 25 for men. Now, girls are kidnapped for brothels or polygamous marriages to breed children. Rhine is taken from her hardscrabble life and sold with two other girls to Linden Ashby. Though they live in a palatial Florida home surrounded by gardens and treated like royalty, the girls are sequestered from the outside world, and Rhine longs to escape. Her growing affection for her sister wives, her pity for Linden, and her fear of Housemaster Vaughn, Linden's manipulative father, keep her uncomfortably docile, until she falls for servant Gabriel.

This book had wonderful detail in an enthralling world where being a pampered princess can also come at the cost of your soul. Main character Rhine struggles with her will to find her twin brother back in the real world, and the new life she's begun to live as a sister-wife. The relationships between herself, her sister-wives, her husband, and love interest Gabriel are all complicated and beautiful at the same time. This is definitely a book, and a trilogy to watch.

To buy:
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Mini-Teaser from Poisk

Some writing done this week:

Close your eyes and count to ten,

Wish that he’ll be back again.


            Her eyes were pressed shut, her whispers growing more frantic and fervent. Darkness surrounded her, filtered through the highlights of her corn-coloured hair, creeping in and out of her mouth with each breath. The shreds of dark tendrils lingered, searching for their own feast. She repeated. She repeated. She repeated.

            Finally she forced her eyes open. A slim gasp escaped her lungs as the brilliant fuchsia sunset flooded her vision. She knew already without looking. She was alone, surrounded only by the shooting sprouts of corn plants and yesterday’s mud splattered on her shoes. 

            On their own, her arms seemed to clutch the rest of her body, searching for someone to hold who wasn’t there. She inhaled deeply, struggling to keep her tears at bay, but they burst through her poorly-sewn seams. With muffled sobs she dropped to the ground and waited, curled up in the dirt until night fell.


Back to the Grind

A much deserved Happy Mother's Day out to all of you fabulous moms and grandmoms out there!

Last week I took some time off everything. No work, nothing, and I finished my rewrites of Flight. It now stands just shy of 70K and is back in submission land. (wish me luck!;)).

Now that I've let it go, my mind feels empty, ready to be filled with another world and another set of characters and emotions. I have a plethora of "To Be Written" ideas in my folders. Many of these are paranormal, romance, sci-fi, dystopian; my usual hodgepodge of writing worlds. There is "Carrier", about a world where magic has been forgotten and users are labeled as carriers of a disease that has destroyed the world. There is the super-horror-book, frightening and taking on a completely different style of writing and book formatting. There is Pirouettes, there is my dark underworld story, I could go on.

But I'm taking a writing class for the next few months, and with my mind free I want to do something different. An adult, contemporary fiction about a family dealing with the loss of a daughter. So Here We Are, tentatively titled, is my next big project, and I've finally found a writing groove that has been working wonders. I'm more than excited to do something different in writing than I have been for years.

How has it been for you trying something completely new? Exciting? Horrifying? Wonderful?

Summer is arriving and I couldn't be happier, so happy early summer to you all, and I hope your day is as warm and lovely as mine! :)

Book Recs: Classics! The Great Gatsby

This is one of those "classic" books that can ring eternally throughout each generation. It's thrilling, suspenseful, dramatic and daring, and is the kind of book where not only the characters seem real, but even the locales and the feel of the generation fill the reader. Instant Love!

And for something new and exciting: Baz Luhrman is adapting it to the screen for 2012, starring Leonardo Dicaprio as Gatsby and a host of other talented actors and actresses. Check it out Here

Happy Monday everyone! 

Back to work!

Due to the death of a family member, death of my car, and general busy-ness and awful, solved-nothing doctor appointments, I have not written.

But I change this today! I will write tonight! (And Flight, not the 800 other ideas that are sparkling in front of me).

<3 you all, hope your March has been fab! 

Closer- Short Fiction

The thing about time is that it doesn’t really exist, at least not in the way the human mind comprehends it. It flows in and out, backward and forward, it speeds past you like a blaring jet then stops on a dime. Time is relative. Time is changeable. Being an Eraser these are things I have to know.


            You might know me by many other names as legend, myth, or paranormal, but nobody knows who I really am. No one except her. The human world is filled with the curious, but she was never curious. It’s like she knew, somehow, how it all really worked, and instead of waiting for us to find her, she found me.




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Verdant Green

I woke up mad today
And not the angry, shaking
Tempestuous creature
That rattles weary bones,

I mean delicate, lily-mad,
A slowly blooming, glowing
Vine wrapping ‘round my legs
And dragging me underground

Beneath the moss the morning sun
Seems fatal to my pale complexion,
The verdant green that chokes me still
I see as but my savior, my protector, my One

And would I return, now?

The wriggling beasties of the earth
Whisper in my ear melodies of soft-spun silk
I look past their grotesque shells and see not worms,
but sirens

Oh, beauty, ravishing as it coils me tight,
My throat encased and caving
My lips turn up a smile, serene
My fingers cease from reaching up

To grasp the harsh coldness of wind and rain,
The spindly, shrieking tree branches or
The crunching, shattering dead leaves of Autumn.
My limbs become but petals

And would I return, now?

The buzz of my alarm-clock turns
From squeal to gentle, gusting wind
The pungent steam of coffee is a waterfall
As I fall deeper, burrowed in the soil

My skin grows pores and spores,
My toes stretch out as crooked roots,
Absorbing all the moisture
I am alive here in the dirt

I blossom. I bloom. My lily-madness
Bursts and pollinates the world around me
And now there are no traffic jams or tv ads
Or the deafening static of radio noise

There is only moss and dirt peaceful, verdant green.

And would I return, now?